Breaking the stereo type

When we explore business intent and customer expectation, inevitably everything always comes back to people. The quality of your people and their values; the better the business, the better the customer experience.

Currently, the transport industry does not have the greatest stereotype.

Type the word ‘truckie’ into google search images and you will return photos much like the above. The first image displayed by the media is an overweight bloke in a wife-beater singlet, footy shorts and thongs.

This may be the case in a few companies and becoming more prevalent with the influx of drivers returning to the cities following the mining bust, however there is a hand full of companies and industry bodies attempting to lead by example and lift the industry standards to one of professionalism. Unfortunately, these are not the people championed by the media and as a result, the general public.

So back to people and the path to decreasing our ‘cowboy’ industry image.

Employing suitable people for the role and customer demographic is critical to business success. We handpick employees based on their work experience, but more importantly, their location of upbringing as this has a major bearing on the personal values ingrained into their psychology.

Our customer demographic is focussed in the rural regions of WA. Knowing and understanding our customer’s business ensures we tailor professional solutions to suit fluctuating demand. This experience comes from our own rural upbringing and customer focussed values; a key quality of our people that provide industry leading levels of service and professionalism.

It is hard to perceive a price on this experience but this certainly offers value.

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