25 years in business and still growing

We’re celebrating a little more this Christmas, because December 2015 marks 25 years for Clarkson Freightlines! We’ve changed a lot since the 90s (and we’re not just talking hair-wise), and we’re proud to celebrate this milestone. It’s been no small feat: Clarkson Freightlines began, and remains, a family business – established by Kim and Debbie Clarkson and now managed by their son Kris, so we thought we’d share our story with you:

It all began in 1990 with Kim and Debbie. Born and bred in Geraldton and an electrician by trade, Kim saw the potential for a professional transport service to be established servicing the Midwest region and by channelling his inner entrepreneurial flair, he and wife Debbie with her accounting background established Clarkson Freightlines.

Starting as a one truck operation initially transporting wool, hay and grain for many local farmers in the Midwest region, the professional service and family business values allowed strategic relationships to form with the companies that supplied the farmers and agricultural sectors with general freight merchandise in the area. Needless to say – this was long before mobile phones, email or Facebook were common means of communication and relied heavily on face to face interaction and delivery of a complete professional service.

From the beginning, quality and professionalism was the key: every piece of freight was transported safely, efficiently and timely, setting a new standard for rural and regional transport at the time.

As the WA economy boomed on the back of mining, Clarkson Freightlines focussed on its core business of a transport solution to link rural and regional WA. The business expanded and diversified into various general freight industries, so we invested in a new Perth transport yard to improve our service efficiency to our clientele and work toward making their supply chain visions a reality.

Then the WA economy crashed with the mining bust and Clarkson Freightlines still maintained its focus on servicing rural WA at a time when transport industry rate cutting and competitive pressure was at an all-time high leading to numerous WA transport companies trading insolvent and eventually bankrupt, every week!

With a great love for what we do, our company has grown 12 staff with 38 pieces of equipment and we are constantly improving to remain one step ahead in the cut throat WA transport market. A keen passion for innovation, professionalism and family based business values, a lot of industry experience and fleet of highly maintained premium equipment, the Clarkson Freightlines ethos remains the same – to offer a professional transport solution enabling rural and regional WA to prosper.

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