CQ First Edition April 2015

Breaking Records

Early rain in 2015 has seen the demand for chemical higher than any other year to date for Clarkson Freightlines. With Easter causing two four day weeks, all our clients and staff were feeling the heat to move the freight as quickly as possible.

8 DAYS = 2,200 TONNE

At an average of 275 tonne per day, these numbers have been reached before for one or two days, but to have these volumes constantly over the past month is a new company record.

This put our new Perth yard facilities to the test but allowed the Clarkson team to handle these high volumes and move our customers’ freight fast, efficiently and safely.

This was a tremendous effort by our entire team and we are grateful for their hard work.

New Edition to the Fleet

Just in time for the freight rush, Perth Driver Rhys Allsopp was very happy to meet his new wheels on Monday 30th March.

Running and maintaining the best equipment is one of our core values at Clarkson Freightlines.

This allows us to service our customers efficiently by minimizing downtime whilst also being environmentally friendly through operating a modern fleet with the latest in emission controls.

Chain of Responsibility

Legistration 27th April 2015 - Are you ready ???

New chain of responsibility laws come into effect on April 27th 2015.

Who is covered by the Chain of Responsibility?

If you are involved in any of the following road transport activities, you are a party in the 'chain of responsibility' and may be deemed liable in the event of a breach of the road laws:

Consigning - a person or company commissioning the carry of goods.

Packing - placing goods in packages, containers or pallets.

Operating - operationg a business which controls the use of a vehicle

Receiving - paying for goods/taking possesion of the load.

For more information about the Chain of Responsibility, please visit the Main Roads website:


2015 Community Support

Giving back to communities is a big focus of Clarkson Freightlines. We feel that sporting teams are the lifeblood of country towns and we will continue to support the regions that in turn support us.

North Midlands Football League

This year Clarkson Freightlines has formed a new partnership with the North Midlands Football League. As country towns within the North Midlands Region are a big part of our drivers’ weekly schedule, we feel that we have almost become locals. So the next step for us was to support the towns we service.

All NMFL game day balls this season will feature the Clarkson Freightlines logo. After each match, the home side will receive the game ball and continue to use them at training throughout the year.

Railways Football Club

Clarkson Freightlines has committed again for another year of to sponsor Railways Football Club. Although Kris is no longer playing with Railways, our ties still remain strong after several premierships and friendships formed. The club has a strong, proud history and this year will be no different. With big junior participation and a young senior side, Railways are set to be very competitive for the flag again in 2015.

S&K Electrical Geraldton Buccaneers

This year marks 10 years of sponsorship support for Geraldtons local state basketball team. The Buccaneers is a word used in most Geraldton families that love and play basketball. The players are both local and international and have proven to be great role models for young aspiring athletes. A great example of this are local players Aaron Ralph and Matt Wundenberg both playing over 250 and 300 games respectively for the club, these two idolized the Buccs growing up and are now doing the same for our juniors now.

It will be great to see the boys bounce back this year and go one step further toward a premiership.

Did you know that Clarkson Freightlines now has a website??


Follow the link above to check it out.

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