Enabling Rural WA to Grow

Clarkson Freightlines Pty Ltd is a family owned and run transport company committed to providing a quality service for all our clients throughout Western Australia.


We firmly believe that the success of our company is dependent on the safe and high quality service that we provide.


Our business and employees uphold family based values to ensure hands-on approach is taken in developing individual solutions that meet and exceed our customers expectations.

At Clarkson Freightlines, our family business freight teams are dedicated to providing a reliable and remarkable level of service to Midwest and Wheatbelt regions of Western Australia.



As specialists in General Freight Transport, we offer a personalised freight handling and logistics service and we take the time to understand our customers and their distribution needs.

Rural expansion into Moora W.A

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Fuel Levy 2022 May
Week commencing 23/05/2022 29.66%